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Terms and Conditions 
  •  Payment for services is due upon scheduling, exceptions may be made allowing clients to pay the day before the cleaning. Scheduling without payment risks loss of appointment to a paying client. If you need to make any other billing or payment arrangements of any kind it must be approved the day before your cleaning. Any written agreements for payment, will be inclusive to The Terms & Conditions of Maid for Kings Cleaning Service.
  •  All payments for recurring business are due on the 15th of every month. All payments must be paid before your next schedule cleaning. Maid for Kings Cleaning service accepts Check, Cash or Major Credit card. There is a $35 fee for all returned checks. 
  •  Maid for Kings Cleaning Service reports all delinquent accounts to a third party making you responsible for all collection, attorney, and court filling for any remaining balance on your Maid for Kings Cleaning Service account. 

Cancellation Policy
  •  All recurring clients require a 30 day cancellation notice. Maid For Kings Cleaning Service exclusively reserves & books a special time and day to serve you. Failing to give notice, Maid for Kings Cleaning Service reserves the right to charge for cleanings scheduled for you within the 30 day using the method of payment you have on file. We only accept written notices by email, mail or in person. 
  • All cancellations or re-schedules must be made within 24 hours before schedule cleaning. 
  • Maid for Kings Cleaning Service reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, this includes cancelling appointments to the company's discretion, a refund will be given. 
  • Maid for Kings Cleaning Service does not offer any repairs or maintenance duties such as changing filters, light bulbs, pluming of any sort, air ducts ect.

Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Our clients are our priority, we offer a 24 hour Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning provided by Maid for Kings Cleaning Service you reserve the right to use our guarantee. Please call within 24 hours of your home being served to schedule you on the next available time slot the following day. Our Satisfaction Guarantee policy is defined as we will clean the areas in your home we previously cleaned for no extra charge. We will not do new areas as they are not covered in the Satisfaction Guarantee policy. We encourage all customers to do a walk-through after our cleaning.  Not valid on hourly rates, no cash Refunds or Credits. No Exceptions.

Liability & Responsibility
  •  If you are not present during the time of your cleaning, it is your responsibility to instruct Maid for Kings Cleaning Service how to secure your home upon departing. We are not held accountable or responsible for the safety and security of your home once we have left the premises. We are not responsible for any individuals in your home while Maid for Kings Cleaning Service is servicing your home. 
  • We protect the rights of our clients by having Maid for Kings Cleaning Service Insured. If our employees are our responsibility not yours. 
  • It is your responsibility (client) to report any damages caused by our employees at your home within 24 hours or less of the occurrence for us to be responsible for the damages. 
  • Maid for Kings Cleaning Service will not be held responsible for any alarm charges and/or faulty installed property of our clients for instance, a frame off the wall falls due to a small nail holding the frame as opposed to our employees cleaning the frame ect, It is your responsibility to inform your assigned cleaner of any items not properly installed. 
  • Maid for Kings Cleaning Service asks you to please secure your pets while our employees are cleaning your home. It is your responsibility to inform us of any special instructions in regards to your pets. Maid for Kings Cleaning Service is not responsible for the care of your pets while we are servicing your home. 
  • Maid for Kings Cleaning Service employees are not allowed to climb ladders or step stool higher than 2-feet high.